The ManiPure Story


ManiPure's Pure Classics Collection: Always Classy and a Little Bit Sassy is a contemporary and classic line of non-toxic nail polish that is not only free from the big three chemicals (DPD - Dibutyle Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde ) but is also big 5 free (Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin). How do you spot our non-toxic fabulous lacquers? Look for our eco-friendly bamboo top that was created for beauty buyers to easily recognize a non-toxic nail polish.

Our colors are picked by team beauty enthusiasts who wanted colors that were classic and sexy, and not the latest "fade".

ManiPure's long lasting nail polish is the Big 5 FREE:

DPD - Dibutyle Phthalate Free
Toluene Free
Formaldehyde Free
AND Formaldehyde Resin Free

Our non-toxic nail polishes are a holistic long lasting formula that will last through a busy woman's daily routine.

Pure Classic Collection by ManiPure:

Our "Always Classy and a Little Bit Sassy"Pure Classic Collection polish comes in 13 high pigment, long lasting colors with a top and base coat.

Our super shiny Always on Top Coat is "High Gloss for High Times".

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And our Italian Stallion Base Coat is specially formulated with horsetail plant for staying power and strength.

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